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Bitcoin Explained

Technological advancements have made a significant impact on the way we work, the way we are entertained, the way we travel, and the way we shop, so it should come as no surprise that the way we use money is changing too. At the forefront of this change is Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a virtual currency that operates independently of any central authority or supervision by banks and other financial institutions. Instead, it is based on cryptography and peer-to-peer technology.

All Bitcoin transactions are recorded in a public ledger, and copies are kept on multiple servers worldwide. Anyone with an extra computer can establish one of these servers, often referred to as a node. Instead of depending on a central source of trust, such as a bank, consensus on who possesses which coins are managed cryptographically across these nodes.

Every transaction is broadcast to the Bitcoin network and distributed from one node to another. Every 10 minutes or so, miners gather these transactions into groups known as blocks, which are then permanently added to the Bitcoin blockchain. This is the Bitcoin account ledger.

Bitcoin Wise can be a valuable tool to help you enter the world of cryptocurrencies to trade or invest in the most successful and popular of all cryptocurrencies of our time, Bitcoin. Sign up for a Bitcoin Wise account today by completing the registration form!

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The Safety of Bitcoin

Bitcoin's cryptography is based on the SHA-256 algorithm that the US National Security Agency developed. Getting past this algorithm is nearly impossible because there are far more potential private keys to be tested than atoms in the world.

While there have been some cases of Bitcoin exchanges being hacked by fraudsters who stole Bitcoins, such occurrences are unlikely. Theoretically, suppose a hacker could control more than 50 percent of all Bitcoin nodes. In that case, they could potentially establish an agreement that they possessed all Bitcoin and embed it into the Bitcoin blockchain. However, as the network and the number of nodes increases, this scenario becomes less realistic.

What Is Cryptocurrency Exchange?

The most basic way to invest in a cryptocurrency is to trade any virtual coin such as Bitcoin, Dogecoin, or Ethereum. Such trades are carried out through online exchanges, where investors can open a trading account and begin the exchange of one coin for another.

These platforms make it possible to trade cryptocurrencies for digital and traditional currencies, acting as a go-between for buyers and sellers, and charging a transactional or commission fee.

Investors may also use online exchanges to convert their cryptocurrency into fiat or traditional currency (for example, converting Bitcoin into dollars) for later withdrawal from their bank account.

How Does a Cryptocurrency Exchange Work?

A cryptocurrency exchange functions as a middleman or intermediary between buyers and sellers, similar to a brokerage firm. It enables the buyer to deposit funds using various methods such as credit or debit cards, or by direct bank transfer, charging a fixed fee for each transaction completed through its services.

The first step for a buyer is to locate the appropriate online exchange. This step requires some research into the platform's credibility, ease of use, and other features it provides. Once a buyer has selected an exchange, the next step is to open a trading account, which is a relatively straightforward process.

Bitcoin Wise is an online exchange that has transparency at the heart of everything we do. Our software is easy to use, and you can set up an account quickly by following the steps below.

Setting Up an Account with Bitcoin Wise

Download the Bitcoin Wise app or visit the sign-up page on our website and begin the registration process. You are required to enter information such as your phone number and email address.

Be sure to enter a valid email address and phone number, so that you can be verified. A verification email is then sent to that email address with further instructions. Once you have been verified, you are contacted by an account manager or a crypto broker who offers his services or gives you the option of trading directly.

Trading with Bitcoin Wise

Trading is a way to invest in cryptocurrency in the short term, while a cryptocurrency investment is a more progressive, driven approach that produces long-term profits.

To trade virtual currencies, traders must be up to date with current crypto-related events, Bitcoin news, and the market performance of each cryptocurrency daily to look for signs that the price of Bitcoin or any other altcoin may rise or fall. Because cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are so volatile, traders are exposed to more risk than investors are. The primary objective of Bitcoin trading is to purchase Bitcoin when it is relatively inexpensive and sell it when it has appreciated in value.

What Is Direct Trading on an Exchange?

Direct trades are undertaken using Bitcoin Wise's app, or trading software, on a peer-to-peer basis. Transactions occur solely between the buyer and seller, with no participation or facilitation from a third party or broker.

You are in charge of evaluating the market to make the best decision on when to buy and sell an asset. Direct trading is a more cost-effective but potentially risky option that is not typically preferred for beginners. Bitcoin Wise offers superior service to its users through a user-friendly platform and real-time cryptocurrency market data, allowing you to get the most out of your trading experience.

What Does Trading with a Broker Entail?

A cryptocurrency broker acts as a middleman between the trader and the exchange. In some instances, a broker purchases a large amount of Bitcoin to sell it at a profit. Should you choose to trade with a broker, keep in mind that you can expect to pay a higher fee than if you were to trade directly on the exchange.

However, you get an easy-to-use system and payments with simple payment methods, with a lot less effort needed on your part. We suggest that you trade via a crypto broker if you do not intend to trade regularly, or if you are a newbie to cryptocurrency trading. A broker gives you a digital wallet and thoroughly explains the terms.

Working with a cryptocurrency broker usually involves submitting an order. After receiving payment, the broker then places an order according to your specifications on Bitcoin Wise's exchange. Once completed, the virtual currency balance is deposited into your digital wallet by Bitcoin Wise.

What Is the Difference Between Trading Directly or Via a Broker?

A broker's primary focus is on new traders, people who favor convenience over diligent market analysis, or those who wish to make just one investment. It is also a more convenient way to buy Bitcoin.

Trading directly often involves a great deal of study, and many advanced traders have done paid courses to learn how to trade. It also takes a lot of practice and long hours of research and market analysis, which may not be for everyone, so a broker is a much better option.

Bitcoin Wise has partnered with registered, competent brokers who can help you get started in your trading journey. All you must do is sign up for a Bitcoin Wise account using the steps already mentioned, and a broker contacts you!

Investing in Bitcoin

Investing is very different from fast-paced trading. Rather than trading one cryptocurrency for another for short-term revenue, long-term wealth can be generated through investment. Investing involves the purchase of a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin in the hope that its value rises gradually over time.

When someone wants to invest in Bitcoin, they intend to store it away rather than use it for trades or purchases. The process of holding on to Bitcoin is known as hodling in the cryptocurrency industry. Bitcoin investment is different from trading because investors do not need to constantly monitor the performance of cryptocurrencies or keep up to date with current news or events daily.

Professional investors tend to hold their positions through several price cycles, choosing not to sell their position, even if it appears to be favorable to do so. This is because they understand that most assets tend to become more valuable over time.

If you are interested in investing in Bitcoin, you open an account with Bitcoin Wise and speak to one of our accredited brokers to get started right away.

Is Investing in Bitcoin a Good Idea?

Bitcoin investments, like any other form of investment, have their advantages and disadvantages. Investing in any cryptocurrency can be risky due to the volatile nature of the cryptocurrencies themselves.

Because of its volatility, even investments in Bitcoin, the most popular and successful of all cryptocurrencies, can be a risky endeavor. Therefore, you may be wondering if it is a good idea to invest in Bitcoin. Bitcoin investments have already proven their worth. The value of a single Bitcoin soaring from $1 in 2011 to over $50,000 by 2021.

Suppose you have already made other types of investments, such as oil and gas or precious metal investments. In that case, it may be a smart option to diversify your investment portfolio by adding a Bitcoin investment with Bitcoin Wise.

The Advantages of Trading or Investing in Bitcoin with Bitcoin Wise

There are numerous benefits to choosing Bitcoin Wise as your preferred cryptocurrency exchange. Here are just a few:

High level of transparency. No one wants to invest money through a platform that isn't open and honest about its software, and about the experience a user can expect. At Bitcoin Wise, we value transparency and don't promise our users unrealistic profit margins.

Free demo account. One of the first steps to trading on an exchange is to develop a trading strategy. With Bitcoin Wise, you can test out your trading strategy through our free demo account that simulates live trades, so you get a real feel for trading on the exchange.

Easy registration. Our sign-up process is simple and easy, and we call you back to have a conversation about your goals and position as a trader or investor.

User-friendly interface. Our software and mobile app are straightforward to use, and you can access your trading account from any device, whether it is a smartphone, tablet, desktop computer, or laptop.

24-hour service. If you notice a favorable trading opportunity at 3 am, you can log in to your Bitcoin Wise account and conduct your trade, as our exchange is fully operational 24 hours a day.

Bitcoin Wise - Frequently Asked Questions

Why was Bitcoin created?

Bitcoin was developed to allow people to send money via the world wide web. It was designed to be a non-centralized payment system that could be used the same way traditional currencies could.

Can I trade with Bitcoin Wise as a beginner?

Bitcoin Wise was developed to be suitable for all types of traders, from the novice to the experienced and highly skilled trader. If you are reluctant to trade directly on the exchange, we recommend using our brokerage services.

Before trading directly on the exchange, make sure you have spent enough time learning how to trade, developing a trading strategy, trying it out on the demo mode, and studying market dynamics.

What is a digital wallet?

A digital wallet is a requirement for those who wish to use cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. It does not store information about how many virtual currencies its owner holds, but rather, it stores information about private keys, which enable users to access their virtual assets. This digital wallet does not exist physically and can only be found online.

Unlike a traditional physical wallet, digital wallets function similarly to vaults or safety deposit boxes. To access what's inside, a user must have an assigned key, also referred to as a digital password, to access and withdraw their assets.

How can a trading app help me trade?

Trading apps are excellent resources for experienced and novice traders alike because they assist you in analyzing market trends on the go, so you can stay up to date with what's happening no matter where you are or what device you are using.

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